Hello World!

I'm Riccardo Linares 👋

Tech Founder

I love working on indie projects with high potential for impact Discover more

Something about me:

  • I was born on a rainy Saturday in July 1994, not exactly a typical summer evening.
  • From an early age I studied different programming languages because I wanted to be a badass hacker.
  • In 2011 I co-founded my first company that allowed people to personalize Facebook. +4M users. Great experience! 🚀
  • Around the age of 18, I realized I wanted to build my professional career on digital and innovation.
  • I wrote about technology and innovation for Tweaknology. Through this experience I met my future partners!
  • Since 2015 I managed for two years the communication of IngDan Italia, an Italian spin-off of the multinational Cogobuy focused on IoT 🤖.
  • Since February 2017 I have been working with Campus Party. Goals achieved:
    • ✔️ #CPIT1 (2017)
    • ✔️ #CPIT2 (2018)
    • ✔️ #CPIT3 (2019)
    • ✔️ #CP Digital Edition (2020-21)
  • Together with my partners, in 2017, I started studying Blockchain technology and investing in Cryptocurrencies. A few months later, also thanks to a Business Angel, DoubleBit was born. #Training #Mining #Blockchain ⛏️
  • In 2019 I founded with the goal of developing bootstrapping services, raising capital and bringing value to companies.
  • Today, I work on digital processes and developing innovative products that can create a positive impact on thousands of people.
  • I am often told that I dream too big, each time I reply that it is never enough!
  • I love extreme sports: 🧗🏄✈️(🏓)
  • 3 books I recommend reading:
    • E-Myth (Michael E. Gerber)
    • Shoe Dog (Phil Knight)
    • Zero to One (Peter Thiel)